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Keeping your existing label design may not attract the new generation of consumers. The look of your label tells a story, too. Are you are tired of the same old logo and images? How about that design? Maybe your company has a new ongoing initiative that calls for a fresher, more energetic look. As your label reconstruction authority, Royal Label Printing Inc. can perform a complete re-design of your label for the new trend.

Royal label Printing Inc. is an expert in label reconstruction. We have a wealth of experience of taking old labels and breathing creativity and life into them. Our label design team can transform your current label and turn it into something that reflects the state and look of your company today.

Label reconstruction is not just about the look of your current label. Label reconstruction also involves capturing the consumer’s eye in a single glance. If your current label does not attract the customer, it might be time for a change. Royal Label Printing Inc. can work with the current look to reinvent your label to attract the customer walk by.

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Art Work Specification

Electronic artwork is preferred; however, negative film and /or black and white camera-ready art are also accepted for some types of work.



Macintosh and Windows files accepted. Please send a hardcopy or PDF of your art for comparison.



  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker
  • Corel Draw (Windows only)
  • Freehand
  • Indesign
  • QuarkXpress



  • USB Drive
  • Syquest EZ 135 MB, EZ 230 MB
  • e-mail attachment



For Macintosh use Stuff-it, Disc Doubler or .sea and For Windows use WinZip



300 dpi minimum, 600 + dpi preferred for sharpest image



Leave all trapping to be done by Royal Label printing Ltd. Flexographic printing requires larger spreads than offset. Dead fits color to color are not possible to hold on press.



When a color is opaque enough to overprint a background color, do not drop out the background. When in doubt about color opacities, please consult Royal Label Printing for advice. Be aware when using graduated screen backgrounds, dots in the 30% to 60% range have greater gain on press than outside that range. Please leave your files totally accessible for Royal Label Printing to do necessary adjustments. Spot color should be from Pantone (PMS) approved charts.



All scans should be in “high resolution dot” processed in CMYK not RGB


Screen Angles

Best screen angles are Cyan 7.5, Magenta 37.5, Yellow 82.5 and Black 67.5 degrees.


Line Screen

Maximum 175-line screen for optimum print