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Date:October 03, 2014

Food Label

Is your label as appealing as your food products?

Royal Label Printing manufactures a wide range of labels for food.  Our expertise in the label market has made us the label provider of choice for many products. Depending on application, food label has a broad range of demands and involves many factors, for example, where the product will be stored? at which temperature? how long the product will be shelved and how it will be shipped? These are just some of the factors to be considered when deciding on the type of label that best fits the product needs. Our clients trust us to label their products so we ensure every aspect of food labeling is taken into account.

We are convinced that our knowledge, experience and expertise in our food labeling contribute to the success of our client’s products. In fact the growth of Royal Label printing attribute to the growth of our clients. Our state of the art manufacturing and prepress capabilities will provide your products the first glance in the super market.

In addition to providing food labels for some of the largest brands, we at Royal Label Printing are always thrilled to assist small and new businesses. Whether you want a full color label or spot color, different shapes or sizes, we can meet all your labeling needs at an affordable price.

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