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Date:October 03, 2014

Full Color Label

We utilize the finest state-of-the-art label manufacturing equipment to produce Four color process labels which can be printed on any label material; paper, film or foil label material required for your bottles, jars or custom container. Royal Label Printing has been producing high-quality, performance-tested custom product labels especially in the food and cosmetic market place. In fact Royal Label Printing has become known as one of the premier four color process label printers in the label industry. We master in wide range of applications such as cosmetic labels, food labels, clear labels, industrial label and wine label. 

We can product minimum label quantity at an affordable cost so that you could introduce a new product in the market with winning label on the shelf.   Our state of the art technology guaranteed to produce amazing quality in every repeat re-production. Our graphic department will gladly provide assistance to realize the dram label, if you explain it to them and it would be beyond your expectation.

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