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Date:October 03, 2014

Industrial Label

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Given the fast paced nature of the industrial market, there is no room for errors so it is extremely important for industrial labels to be accurate and informative. The uses of industrial labels can vary greatly, for example, they are used as hazard labels, shipping labels, product identification labels, and instruction and warning labels. The application of the label is a key factor in deciding the type of paper stock used. Basic shipping labels can be printed on plain, cost-effective paper. Our biggest industrial label customers are automotive industries, for which labels must be attractive, durable and be able to withstand harsh environments. The label finish may also vary depending on your preference; you can request a high gloss finish or matte finish.
One of the reasons we are the label suppliers of choice is our commitment to fast-turnaround. We know how important it is to get your products out of the warehouse and start selling, so we won’t rest until the job gets done! Call us now to discuss your labeling needs and get an instant quote.


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