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In many circumstances, we all fear to make changes, yet it is inevitable. We often hold on to that fear by not making the necessary changes in order to allow growth and success of any business. If you could get better quality labels, friendly service and save money, then why not?


There is always a proficient way to deliver high quality labels faster and with a competitive pricing advantage, than anyone else in the industry. We finally figured it out and we could do it consistently by managing our pre-press and printing processes very efficiently. Quality guaranteed.


We always work hard in order to maintain our reputation as a high quality and fast service labeling solutions provider in the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to high level of service and improve our selves so that our clientele will benefit more from working with us.

Graphic Design

Change is the only constant. This explains our unwavering need to be proactive towards the future and to continuously evolve with current market trend. So embrace this change with us, and witness your brand and business undergo a similar exciting transformation.

What we offer:

Full Color Label

We utilize the finest state-of-the-art label manufacturing equipment to produce Four color process labels which can be printed on any label material; paper, film or foil label material required for your bottles, jars or custom container. Royal Label Printing has been producing high-quality, performa

Barcode Label

Be accurate and Informative!! There is a growing demand for barcode labels because barcodes provide the ability to track inventory and control theft.  For barcodes to be efficient they need to be accurate, therefore, quality control is a very important aspect of barcode label printing. We pay specia

Pharmaceutical, Medical and Health Labels

Honesty, integrity and trust. This is the hallmark of Royal Label Printing. The pharmaceutical market sector is very unique. It requires special attention to detail to address the unique needs of pharmaceutical labels, while adhering to various quality standards. We recognize that pharmaceutical lab

Beverage Label

Stand above the rest… At Royal Label Printing, wine labels are treated as a form of art that they have always been. We recognize the wine label is as much a part of the experience as the wine itself. You have our promise that we will treat it with every bit of the respect and care that you have best

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Who We Are

  • We offer a full range of label printing solutions to businesses with diverse label requirements. We are a family owned business that provides label solutions to companies of various sizes, to help get their products the attention they deserve. At Royal Label Printing, we are passionate about printing Label that would catch the eye of consumer. We take pride in what we do and are most happy when we witness growth and improvements for our clientele as a result of our quality service. We have built up a solid reputation for proficiency, service and quality. We are proud to be “the go – to people” for new and existing companies, essentially because of the quality of our labels, fast turn-around and of course, competitive pricing.


Royal Label Printing is committed to provide high quality label at resonabel price and providing excellent customer service. They have printed all my labels for all my food products which can be stored in various climate condition. Their dedication and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has kept me coming back. I highly recommend Royal Label Printing to anybody who wants quality label, great customer service and fast turn around.